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Why Lawn Care Plus? 

Executive Property Maintenance

At Lawn Care Plus we bring years of golf course management experience to executive residences throughout Central Ohio. Our professional lawn care and landscaping services are available throughout Clintonville, Upper Arlington, Dublin, Worthington, Powell, and Lewis Center. 


Patrick Fitzgerald founded Lawn Care Plus in 1995 on the values of Service, Honesty, Integrity, Friendliness and Hard Work.


Our values have served as the foundation for our growth and success for more than 2 decades. Today, this simple, yet powerful set of beliefs is more critical than ever to our continued success. It’s what drives us, and how we hold ourselves accountableb every time we step foot on a property.

Mowing & Trimming

Lawn mowing is one of the most crucial parts of overall lawn care. It is also the most frequently preformed lawn care service. We use a range of mowers designed to fit the residential property. We sharpen our blades on a regular schedule to ensure that grass blades have an even, clean cut, making sure not to damage any of the lawn. Lawn Care Plus will mow your lawn at the proper height to ensure that it will have fewer weeds, more moisture, better stress tolerance, and have an overall healthier look. 


String trimming gets rid of any grass growing over the concrete. In order to have the perfect edge along the driveway, sidewalk and curb you need the proper tools. Our machines cut the grass growing over the edge. We string trim all of our properties on a regular basis.

If you are looking for someone that cares about your lawn’s appearance as much as you do, give Lawn Care Plus a call and let us come out and give you a free estimate.

Aeration and Over-seeding

Core aeration is one of the most important procedures you can perform for your turf. We use our core aerators over the entire turf area. The aerator punches and pulls out plugs of soil which helps to loosen the soil, allowing water, air and other nutrients to go down to the roots and improve the quality of turf.

Over-seeding is a key piece to achieving a beautiful lawn. Each year some of the grass in your lawn will die, so it is best to replenish your lawn each year. Overseeding is a great thing to do right after aerating. The aerating will loosen the compaction in the soil and the seed will germinate in the holes the aerator left behind.


Spring and Fall Cleanups

Does your home look a little shabby around this time of year? Could your property benefit from a good Spring / Fall cleaning?  Our landscaping and lawn care services are designed to provide the care and attention your property needs with none of the hassle. We will do whatever is needed to get your property cleaned up. Getting your landscape back into shape after the end of the season can be a big job, but we’ll handle it. We have years of experience and a reputation for excellence.

Some of the services of fall clean-up include:

  • Raking up leaves and composting them

  • Updating Seasonal flowers

  • Mulching with leaves / grass clippings

  • Pruning

  • Cleaning up branches & lawn debris

  • Cutting the grass

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